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Laminating Resin

£434.25£3,155.00 ex VAT


Compatible with all types of glass including toughened glass
Water clear and non yellowing
10 year external warranty
Extremely tough and flexible

COVERAGE: 1 sqm at 1mm thick = 1 LITRE



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Creative Resins clear Laminating Resin is a transparent Unsaturated Poly-Acrylic resin that remains water clear even when catalyzed. It can be used to make clear, coloured and decorative safety glass. In its cured state it is exceptionally tough, resistant to water, oil and some solvents yet remains extremely flexible. This is what makes it an ideal resin for laminating glass.

Unlike most polyester materials, our laminating glass resin is not at all prone to ‘yellowing’. Once our laminating resin is fully cured it allows expansion of 300/350% with minimal shrinkage and excellent toughness.  

Our laminating resin can also help you conjure a formidable glass structure that exhibits strong UV resistance. Over 99% of ultra violet rays can be blocked by a well bonded laminated glass

Our unique adhesion promoter gives an incredible cross bond factor with all types of glass including toughened as well as other substrates. It is water like in consistency, thus allowing for fast production and easy air release. Our glass laminating resin is compatible with Glass Paints allowing for inclusion of unlimited colour choice as well as a wide range of special effects. You can grab our laminating resin product with a 10-year warranty today.