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Laminating Resin

£167.00£1,485.00 ex VAT

Compatible with all types of glass including toughened glass
Water clear and non yellowing
10 year external warranty
Extremely tough and flexible



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Laminating Resin is a transparent Unsaturated Poly-Acrylic resin that remains water clear even when catalysed. It is used to make clear, coloured and decorative safety glass. In its cured state it is exceptionally tough, resistant to water, oil and some solvents yet remains extremely flexible. Our unique adhesion promoter give an incredible cross bond with all types of glass including toughened as well as other substrates. It is water like in consistency allowing for fast production and easy air release. It is compatible with GlassPaints allowing for inclusion of unlimited colour choice as well as a wide range of special effects
Laminating Resin has a 10 year warranty and is totally UV stable.

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