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Laminating Resin

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Compatible with all types of glass including toughened glass
Water clear and non yellowing
10 year external warranty
Extremely tough and flexible

COVERAGE: 1 sqm at 1mm thick = 1 LITRE


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Laminating Resin

At Creative Resins, we proudly introduce our high-performance Glass Laminating Resin. You may wonder what is resin used for. This two-component fiberglass resin and hardener system cures to form a tough film known for its exceptional dimensional stability. Buy epoxy resin UK or glass resin because it is suitable for all types of resin glass, including toughened and fibreglass epoxy resin UK varieties; our product ensures a water-clear finish. Notably, unlike some other clear resin epoxy on the market, ours is highly resistant to yellowing.

One of the outstanding features of our epoxy resin for sale is its ability to allow for an expansion of 300/350% with minimal shrinkage, boasting an impressive toughness. When it comes to protection against the elements, our epoxy-grade resin excels by displaying strong UV resistance, capable of blocking over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. We’re so confident in our product’s durability that we provide a 10-year warranty with every purchase.

Looking for versatility? Our resin is not only compatible with glass but with our unique Glass Paints as well, offering unlimited color choices and special effects. And for those who prioritize a robust bond, our company also provides a specialized adhesion promoter, ensuring a durable bond with glass and other substrates.

For customers in the UK wondering where to buy epoxy resin, especially those seeking epoxy resin suppliers near us, our offerings don’t stop at just the resin and hardener. Dive deeper into our catalog to discover related products like Clear Cast 20 and Clear Cast 50. At Creative Resins, we don’t just specialize in resins; our expertise extends to manufacturing specialist paints for doors, glass, PVCu, and metal for the construction industry. Whether you’re seeking types of resin, the best epoxy resin price, or even cheap epoxy resin in the UK, look no further than us.

Key advantages of using our laminating resins

1. Exceptional Dimensional Stability: Creative Resins’ laminating resin, including epoxy fibreglass resin, offers exceptional dimensional stability. Utilizing a combination of epoxy resin and hardener, it cures to form a tough film that maintains its shape and size, ensuring a reliable and durable finish for various applications.

2. UV Resistance: The laminating resin is highly UV-resistant, blocking over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This UV resistance makes it suitable for outdoor use and ensures that it retains its clarity and colour over time, even in direct sunlight.

3. Versatility: Known among top-notch epoxy resin suppliers uk, Creative Resins’ laminating resin is compatible not only with various types of glass, including toughened glass but also with their unique Glass Paints. This versatility allows for unlimited colour choices and special effects, making it suitable for a wide range of creative and functional projects.

4. Expansion and Toughness: The laminating resin, often sought-after in fiberglass epoxy resin applications, boasts an impressive ability to expand by 300/350% with minimal shrinkage. This expansion, coupled with its toughness, ensures that it can withstand the stresses and strains of different applications, providing a long-lasting and durable finish.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Laminating Resin

Ques: What are the applications of laminating resin?
Ans: Laminating resin, including epoxy fibreglass resin, is predominantly used in applications such as laminating glass with transparent resin, creating clear coatings with epoxy resin, and reinforcing surfaces with epoxy adhesives. Beyond these primary uses, the resin but also serves as a foundation for laminating materials and is integral in epoxy resin supplies. For those wondering how much epoxy resin they need or seeking epoxy resin at an affordable price, it’s essential to gauge the project scope accurately and scout for quality epoxy resin UK that’s cost-effective.

Ques: Is laminating resin suitable for outdoor use?
Ans: Yes, many laminating resins, particularly epoxy fibreglass resin, offer excellent UV resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications. These resins, often sourced from reliable epoxy resin supplies, are combined with epoxy adhesives and transparent resin to ensure durability. When considering epoxy resin or other laminating materials for outdoor projects, it’s crucial to determine how much epoxy resin I need to avoid wastage and ensure cost-effectiveness. For those on a budget, there are options to find epoxy resin cheap, but always ensure quality isn’t compromised.

Ques: Can I color laminating resin?
Ans: Yes, you can add pigments or dyes to laminate resin to achieve colored or decorative effects. Considering the laminating costs, adding color might slightly alter the overall price, but it grants freedom in design. On the other hand, if you’re looking for epoxy resin buy, options like résine epoxy and UK epoxy are reputable in the market.

Ques: Is laminating resin easy to work with?
Ans: Laminating resin, especially types like résine époxy and epoxy laminating resin, can be user-friendly when approached with care. However, when asking what is laminating, it’s essentially the process of layering and bonding materials, and to achieve optimal results with laminating epoxy resin, it’s crucial to follow manufacturer instructions for proper mixing of the resin with epoxy hardener or epoxy resin hardener. When executed correctly, epoxy resin laminating provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Ques: Can laminating resin be used on various types of glass?
Ans: Yes, laminating resin is not only compatible with various types of glass, including toughened glass, but it also pairs well with other materials. For instance, those interested in carbon fiber lamination or using carbon fibre profiles will find that a mixture of epoxy resin & hardener or fibreglass epoxy is ideal for the task. For those seeking supplies, wholesale epoxy resin provides bulk options, while the epoxy resin mix ensures the right consistency. If you’re wondering about sourcing materials, finding fiberglass resin near me has become easier with many retailers stocking both epoxy fibreglass and a combination of resin and fiberglass for various projects.

What Our Customers Say About Our Laminating Resin

  • I’ve been searching for the right UK resin to buy for my project. Creative Resins came to the rescue with their exceptional epoxy resin.
  • I decided to buy epoxy from Creative Resins after comparing numerous suppliers. Their resin laminate is of superior quality, making the entire laminating process streamlined and efficient. For those in doubt about where to buy resin epoxy, I’d recommend Creative Resins without hesitation.
  • While considering alternatives to laminating, I was introduced to Creative Resins’ epoxy liquid. Their combination of fiberglass and resin is top-tier, and their hardener for fiberglass resin assures durability. It’s truly the best UK epoxy resin provider I’ve come across.
  • Being a marine enthusiast, I required specific epoxy resin UK for my projects. Creative Resins provided not only that but also the perfect epoxy resin for fibreglass. Their unique hardener for resin guarantees a long-lasting finish, setting them apart in the market.
  • Creative Resins offers an eco-friendly high temperature epoxy resin UK solution. For anyone based here and looking where to buy resin epoxy, it’s clear that Creative Resins stands out with their premium epoxy resin fibreglass range.

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