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Crystalite Resin

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Designed to produce stunning replica glass bevel panels
Water clear and non yellowing
Individual bevels can be coloured to match the door
Size – 225Kg

COVERAGE: 1 sqm at 1mm thick = 1 LITRE

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Crystalite Resin

Creative Resins ‘Crystalite Resin’ is designed for creating replica glass bevel panels. It is an unsaturated poly-acrylic resin that is water clear with the same refractive index as glass. It has been specially formulated to replicate the clusters and designs of traditional glass bevels and can be easily encapsulated within a sealed unit. Crystalite resin has been formulated using advanced technology that gives long term stability providing excellent clarity and resistance to yellowing. Selective individual resin bevels can be colored to match the door colour creating a cohesive, polished and unique look. This customizability allows the manufacturer to personalize their door glass making them stand out from the crowd. Fibreglass moulds are used to reproduce the Crystalite resin bevels providing the exact same quality and detail time after time. Stunning feature panels with high detail can simply be incorporated into any composite door or infill panel. Crystalite resin is used by numerous composite door manufactures and over the past 20 years it has proved its quality and durability. Crystalite resin belel panels are encapsulated within the sealed unit keeping them permanently clean.

The Creative Resins’ Crystalite resin has many benefits.

1. Ideal for decorations

Crystalite resin can be used to create volume production of intricate designs and patterns, making it an ideal choice for composite door and infill panel manufacturers.

2. Durable

It is very durable. This material is UV resistant.  It does not crack or delaminate from the glass surface. The resin has been formulated to resist discoloration over time, ensuring that your creations remain crystal clear for years.

3. Easy maintenance

The Crystalite resin designs are incorporated within the sealed unit which means it requires very little maintenance or cleaning compared to traditional glass panels.

4. Versatile

Crystalite resin is highly versatile in terms of design possibilities. Fibreglass moulds can be made to any shape, size and design. The Crystalite resin is very fluid and fast drying allowing for volume production irrespective of how complex the design creating patterns that would be extremely difficult or impossible using traditional methods.

5. Scratch resistant.

The unique composition of the material contains a combination of hardening agents that provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and other types of damage allowing for easy assembly within a sealed unit. 

6. Cost effective

Crystalite resin allows fast repeatable production with minimal material waste as well as providing the  flexibility to add colour and texture to create bespoke door glass designs. It is an economical and fast way to incorporating resin bevels into your door glass production.

Overall, Crystalite resin bevels offer an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the look of composite doors and PVCu infill panels.

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Weight225 kg