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Unique Colour Match Software for Comprehensive Painting

£552.92 ex VAT

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Unique colour match computerised software
Software works directly with Automatic Dispenser and manual mixing
Over 15,000 pre matched colours
Enabled for Spectrophotometer attachment
Precise conversions from volumetric to gravimetric
Solvent and waterbased formulations available 


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Trying to match that specific colour that your client demands can often be very daunting as well as time consuming. Well, Creative Resins has the perfect solution for it. Our Colour Match software has in excess of 15000 colour formulations covering the most popular commercial colour charts such as RAL, BS, Pantone, NCS, Dulux, Farrow and Ball, Crown and many more. Each of the 15000+ colour formulations are precisely calibrated to work with Creative Resins range of UT and WB pigments. New colours recipes are added to the data base daily. If you still can’t find exactly what you are looking for then contact us. We have all the necessary technical equipment to match exactly that colour you need.

The paint colour matching software also works directly with our Automatic Dispenser (AD24) and our manual mixing shelves system. The paint colour mixing software contains all the colour chart systems mentioned above as well as the most popular door colours supplied throughout the industry all pre-installed. Colours can be easily matched and re-created providing an infinite choice with the help of this paint mixing software. The paint ‘Colour Match’ app is also enabled for a Spectrophotometer attachment as well as allowing for precise conversions from volumetric to gravimetric.

CR in house Colour Matching facility’s offer you a fast turnaround on unique colour matches and the formulations are uploaded directly to your Colour Match software online. This is probably the best colour matching app in UK.

Contact Creative Resins to learn more about the paint matching app.