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High Precision Electronic Weighing Scales

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Precision weighing scales to accurately mix paint quantities.


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Never miss a mark when measuring paint, with Creative Resins’ high quality digital precision scales for impeccable measuring. Our always accurate electronic precision scales give you the confidence needed to make sure you have appropriate quantities of paint for perfect colour formulating and mixing. The paint weighing scales will help you accurately measure your paint quantities, thus helping to prevent wastage and risk ruining a good paint job.

These high-precision scales will never lead you astray when measuring paint quantity. 

Creative Resins is home to a variety of high-end spray paint sundries and accessories that perfectly complement our range of paint and surface coating products. Rest assured that these items come from some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry.  As such, you can count on us to provide you with top-quality precision weighing scales in UK.

All the machinery and equipment you’ll find in our store can come together to create fully automatic spray lines or simply provide the individual with the best equipment to work with our wide range of paints and coatings be it water based or solvent based systems.

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0.1g to 1500g, 1g to 20kg