With some of the UK’s largest door, window and profile companies set up with Creative Resins fully automated painting line, stock, cost and colour issues have become a thing of the past. Giving the ability to take a door slab from buff, to colour and dry in under 10 minutes, as well as profile from white, to colour and dry in under 10 minutes.

Starting with our Surface Master, this is capable of cleaning multiple sides as well as recesses and raised surfaces in doors within the same pass. Unique variable speed brushes with specially adapted fine abrasive tips that can be easily removed for cleaning. Also Available in different sizes to prep individual profile strips.

Next to the Spray Master, the automatic spray guns are controlled pneumatically via photo-eyes and timers that coat any surface with our unique Plaspaint. As standard, the machine is prepared for four guns, but if required it can be prepared for more or less.

Finally in to the Dry Master, a drying tunnel system for enhanced curing of painted and lacquered surfaces, specially designed for curing painted lengths of PVCu profile and composite doors as well as various other substrates.