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Used to clean and prepare composite doors and PVCu ready for painting.
Sold in 1Ltr squeeze bottles

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Cleaning is a very fundamental first step when undertaking a painting job. Painting on a surface plagued by dirt, or stains is a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, there are powerful cleaning agents available to help you get rid of the dirt before you start spraying, rolling or using your brush. However, some surface pollutants can be extremely stubborn and very difficult to remove or even invisible such as the waxy surfaces on PVCu.

Elements like grease, usually found on doors and windows can become hard over time and therefore considerably more difficult to clean. Creative Resins’ has just the powerful solvent cleaner you need in the form of our robust degreaser, which is ideal for cleaning your painting machinery and equipment, while also ensuring your composite doors and PVCu’s are ready for painting.

Our industrial-grade degreaser has the power needed to quickly break down grease and eliminate it completely from the surface or paint equipment. The degreaser is also safe to use on a number of different surfaces, including plastic, metal and composite material etc. 

Our Degreaser comes packaged in small squeeze bottles that harbor 1ltr of this solution, enough to remove even the most stubborn stains from your surface. This solvent cleaner degreaser can also be used to clean up your paint machinery, to make sure they function smoothly without hassle.