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Surface Preperation Pad

£24.13 ex VAT

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Surface Preparation pad is Ideal for keying surface areas before priming or painting
Adaptable to shapes, usable on both sides so no waste.
Resistant to tearing consistent surface finish and can be used with degreaser.
Pad size 150mm x 115mm – Box of 20


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One needs to be extra cautious when beginning to paint, making sure the surrounding areas are properly covered and protected to avoid mess. You need proper surface preparation for painting to ensure your paint job is up to your satisfaction. Fortunately, we at Creative Resins’ have just the right product for you with our Scotch Brite surface preparation pad.

The pads provide fast and consistent scuff, which is essential for everyday surface preparation. The surface pads are ideal for keying surface areas before they are painted or primed. The pads easily adapt to shapes, and can be used on both sides to avoid wastage. 

These pads are also made of top-quality source material which allows it to exhibit high resistance to tearing. You get 20 pads in one box for a reasonable price at our store.

Apart from our surface preparation pads, there are a plethora of paint shop essentials we offer to make your paint job easier. So head on to our consumables and sundries page to find more tools to aid you with your painting endeavors. 

Suffice to say, we are your one stop shop for all sorts of consumables and sundries to purchase at some of the best prices online. You can now grab these top-quality surface preparation pads, right here at Creative Resins and get it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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