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3 ML Plastic Disposable Pipettes

£68.53 ex VAT

A small plastic pipette, ideal for dispensing small amounts of liquid.
Soft bulb is squeezed to suck up and dispense liquid
Graduated up to 3ml – Box of 500


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Creative Resins brings to you 3ml plastic pipettes that are perfect for dispensing small amounts of liquid. Each box consists of 500 disposable pipettes. We offer a comprehensive range of paint shop essentials aside from quality plastic pipettes in UK. From cleaners to scotch pads, and plastic ware to disposable mixing cups, we can supply all you need to keep your paint process fully stocked.


  • Pipettes resins, thinned paint and watercolour
  • 3 ml transfer pipettes for mixing and adding colours to resins. 
  • Transparent plastic that allows clear fluid measurement
  • 3 ml plastic disposable pipettes ideal for all sorts of tasks

How to Use

  1. Squeeze the pipette bulb gently to expel the air from it.
  2. Place the tip of the pipette into the liquid. 
  3. Slowly release the bulb so as to draw the liquid into the pipette.

Please note, it is easier for thinner liquid to get sucked into this pipette. The results might not be desirable for liquids that are thick and viscous. 

Additional information

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