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Paint Mixing Shelf Lids

£26.54 ex VAT

Replacement Mixing Shelves clip on pouring lids with spouts.  These lids fit our standard 2.5Ltr UT colours. A rotating paddle is attached to the lid to stir the pigment to prevent settlement and separation.  TheEasy pour spout is ideal for controlled pouring of even small amounts making accurate weighing.


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Purchase quality paint lid mixers available from Creative Resins on line store. Easy pour spout finely controls the volume being dispensed making it easy to weigh and process colour formulations precisely.

To complement our range of paints and surface coatings we have a selection of spray machinery, paint mixing systems plus ancillary equipment. Automatic spray equipment, colour formulation and mixing system, surface preparation and cleaning equipment, are just a few of the items available. All our machinery works with both water-based and solvent-based systems.


  • The Industrial paint mixing lids are suitable for 2.5Ltr and 5Ltr round tins.
  • Suitable for both water-based and solvent based products.
  • Comfortable handle with thumb controlled dispensing button. 
  • Leak proof seal between tin and mixing lid.
  • Features a unique pouring spout that provides instant start and stop control. 

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