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solvent recycler
solvent recycler 1

Automatic Solvent Recycler

£2,930.44 ex VAT

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Reclaim clean solvent from heating dirty solvents
Tank capacity 10L
Temperature control 50°c – 190°c
Returns up to 85% clean solvent
Indirect heating through diathermic oil


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Reclaim clean solvent from heating dirty solvents with Creative Resins’ Automotive Solvent Recycler. This solvent recycler machine comes with a tank capacity of 10L, operates on temperature control 50°c – 190°c and has the ability to return up to 85% clean solvent. 

The Solvent Recycler unit is used to clean solvent such as Acetone and un Cleaner after it has become dirty and contaminated from machine flushing and gun washing etc. Dirty solvents are poured into the container that is fitted with a solvent resistant plastic bag. The machine is set to the required temperature and time. Clean solvent is discharged into a clean jerry can and the remaining residue/solids are left in the plastic bag which is then removed and disposed of.