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Product Details

Automatic Shaker – CRS5

£3,372.77 ex VAT

Small Footprint :0.44m2 only.
Unique patented structure-isolated shell and core
Outstanding shaking performance: AC motor driven, high shaking speed for big and small cans.


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Technical Specification

Shaking Mode – Vibrational
Max Shaking Weight – 35kg
Shaking Time – 60/180/300s(Optional)
Shaking Speed – 680rpm
Machine Dimension(W X D X H) – 610×725×1160mm
Packing Dimension(W X D X H) – 690×770×1327mm
Net Weight – 200kg Gross
Power Supply – 220V/110V 50Hz /60Hz
Power – 50W

Creative Resins Automatic Shaker is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. It is a device used to mix paint cans thoroughly, ensuring that the paint is well-blended and ready for use. The AC motor-driven Automatic Shaker is the perfect solution for outstanding shaking performance. With a high shaking speed of 680 rpm, it can easily accommodate big and small cans. The shaking time is 60/180/300 seconds, and it can easily mix weights of up to 35 Kg. The Creative Resins Automatic Shaker has an isolated shell and core to minimize vibration during operation, ensuring that the machine operates smoothly without causing damage to its internal components. It is manufactured using a steel frame construction with an overall weight of 200kg, offering a slick and silent operation. It is simple to operate with user-friendly controls providing clear operational information and diagnostics.

The Creative Resins Automatic Shaker has many benefits.

Texture: It ensures that the paint is evenly mixed, delivering consistent colour and texture throughout, and unlike a standard paint shaker, it helps eradicate air bubbles. It is imperative for larger projects where variations in colour and texture can be noticeable.

Conserves Time: Mixing paint cans can be time-consuming, especially for massive projects. An automatic shaker can mix paint quickly and efficiently, permitting you to spend more time on other chores.

More prolonged Shelf Life: Some paints can separate over time, reducing their effectiveness and shelf life. Automatic Shaker can prevent this by keeping the paint well-mixed and homogeneous, ensuring it remains effective for longer.

Adequate Coverage: Properly mixed paint covers better, saving time and money. Automatic Shaker ensures the paint is well-blended, providing better coverage and a more professional finish.

Overall, Automatic Shaker is an indispensable tool for businesses that operate with paint regularly. It can conserve time, improve texture, enhance coverage, and increase the shelf life of your paint; hence it is a profitable investment.