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Metal Corrosion Effect – Glass Paint – Creative Resins

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– Metal oxide effect 1ltr kit
– Suitable for domestic and commercial use
– 10 year external and internal warranty
– Guaranteed to not scratch, fade or delaminate
– Temperature and water resistant
– Applied over any painted surface to create aged metal effect

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This unique rust or metal corrosion effect paint will naturally transform any new or old surface into a pristine, rusted surface. It is realistic and impressive to see and feel and can be used for domestic and commercial purposes such as bars, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Our corrosion coating cycle is a natural process that transforms the material into a solid corrosion surface that is resistant to water and temperature. Our formula uses a base coat containing real metal and iron particles that rust when activated by our oxidation solution.

Our metal oxide effect kit can be applied over any painted surface to create an aged corrosion metal effect. Once the corrosion phase is complete, involving one of our high-tech plaspaint matt topcoats will preserve the appearance and provide a high level of resistance. A painted surface with this rust effect can be used indoors and outdoors with a warranty of 10 years.

An evenly corroded or uneven surface can be obtained depending on the oxidation solution used. The effect also depends on how the material is positioned during application.

Using an activator on vertical surfaces creates a filtering effect where the oxidizing liquid flows under the surface to form oxidation streaks. On horizontal surfaces, the liberal application of the oxidizing agent produces large spots with liquid pooling and deeply colored oxidation. Finally, both applications will mimic the rusted metal found outdoors over the years.

The results are authentic, with surface textures varying from slightly rough to fine – just like the real thing.

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