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Product Details

Gyroscopic Paint Mixing Equipment

£4,699.77 ex VAT

Auto Unlock Tray
Automatically assign mixing speed
60 Second mixing time


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Technical Specification

Mixing time – 60s
Max mixing weight – 36kg
Mixing speed – 150/210/240rpm
Packing Dimension(W X D X H) – 910×970×1175mm
Machine Dimension(W X D X H) – 850×900×1050mm
Mixing range – Can size 1-20L / Can Diameter 50-360mm / Can Height 70-420mm
Machine Weight – 245kg
Power Supply – 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Power 900 W

Creative Resins Gyroscopic paint mixing equipment is designed for commercial and industrial use. This specialized equipment uses the principles of gyroscopic motion to mix paints thoroughly, ensuring consistent colour and texture throughout the project. The gyroscopic technology lets the machine rotate at 150 rpm, creating centrifugal force that evenly disperses pigments and other additives. The mixing time is 60 seconds, and it can easily mix weights up to 36 Kg. The Creative Resins Gyroscopic paint mixing equipment has an auto-unlock tray, making removing the paint cans from the machine easier. It is manufactured using a steel frame construction with an overall weight of 245 kg, providing a silent operation. It is easy to operate with user-friendly controls providing precise operational information and diagnostics and automatically assigns mixing speed. The Gyroscopic paint mixing equipment accepts a range of containers from 50 – 360mm in diameter and 70 – 420mm in height.

The Creative Resins Gyroscopic paint mixing equipment has many benefits.

Conserves time: Traditional methods of paint mixing involve a lot of manual labour and can be time-consuming, especially when larger quantities of paint are required. However, the mixing process is much faster with gyroscopic technology. It saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on your work rather than wasting time mixing paint by hand.

Texture: It relies on consistent rotations to mix the paint thoroughly and prevent any lumps or inconsistencies. It is particularly crucial when painting large surfaces, where slight texture and colour variations can become glaringly obvious once the job is complete.

Professional Finish: Gyroscopic mixers can produce a consistent, uniform mixture that results in better surface coverage. When the paint is used on a surface, it will have a smooth and professional finish without any visible imperfections or bubbles.

Longevity: It utilizes advanced technology to ensure that paint is mixed uniformly and without clumping or separation. As a result, the paint remains in excellent condition for an extended period, which reduces waste and saves money in the long run.

Overall, gyroscopic paint mixing equipment offers superior uniformity and precision performance and guarantees durability and longevity with proper maintenance over many years of use. Investing in quality tools like this can help save time and reduce costs while ensuring consistent excellence in your painting projects for years to come!