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Paint Mixing Dispenser – Automatic System AD24

£9,946.93 ex VAT

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Automatic colour pigment dispenser
Automatic cleaning function
The latest sensor control technology
Offsite remote access
Unlimited colour matches with automatic online software updates
Dispenses small samples to large quantities precisely
Suitable for use with all CR Solvent and Water based paint systems


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Let us introduce you to the future of Commercial paint mixing machines. 

Creative Resins offers an automatic robust commercial colour pigment mixing and dispensing system. Water-based or solvent-based pigments can be precisely dispensed using the latest sensory control technology of this automatic paint mixing machine to deliver unlimited colour matches with the help of our ‘Colour Match’ software. Automatic online software updates constantly add new and revised lead-free colour formulations. This industrial paint mixing machine constantly agitates and mixes pigments to ensure they dispense accurately with every use.

The AD24 is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function that keeps the machine virtually maintenance-free. 

The industrial paint mixing equipment is also capable of dispensing small samples to large quantities precisely and is suitable for use with all CR Solvent and Water-based paint systems

Moreover, the AD24 is a type of computerized paint mixing machine that facilitates offsite remote access.  

The AD24 Colour Dispenser automatically mixes the recipe for our PlasPaint and GlassPaint and Metal spray paints controlled by our own pre-loaded ‘Colour Match’ software ensuring the precise formulation is dispensed every time. Over 10,000 colour formulations including RAL, Pantone, BS, NCS, Crown, Dulux, Farrow, and Ball to name just a few.  

The equipment is perfectly designed for the operator’s convenience with the computer situated at eye level. It comes with a compact space-saving design with numerous integrated features.

The AD24 makes Creative Resins one of the best paint mixing machine manufacturers in the industry today. 

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