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spray booth 2

Spray Painting Booth and Drying Rack

£3,311.96 ex VAT

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Flat pack spray booth with top extraction
Simple, economical maintenance
Galvanised steel construction with modular bolted panel work
Push button starter
Optional lighting – Ultra twin LED lights
Size – 3 metres x 2 metres 

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Spray Booth is an industrial purpose-built spray room or area designed to provide exceptional quality finishes whilst removing overspray and any volatile content. They can be used ideally as drying racks for spray painting.  

These industrial paint Spray Booths are available in several sizes to suit all requirements. They are compatible with Creative Resins’ wide range of paint systems including lacquers, polyurethane, and water-based emulsions. These flat-back spray booths are phenomenally easy to use and considerably economical when it comes to their maintenance. Our spray booths all come flat packed for a simple DIY installation or we can arrange a ‘supply and fit’.

The Dry Filter Spray Booth incorporates a 1 mtr depth canopy as standard with a single or twin belt driven explosion and flame proof axial fan which can be fitted as a top or rear extractor. Perfect for all manual spraying, removing fumes from industrial environments, and ensuring healthy and suitable working conditions. Special filters can also be used to which any sticky particles adhere, allowing for perfect and professional results.

With this spray painting booth, Creative Resins’ has undoubtedly become the best paint spray booths manufacturers in the UK today.

Key Features:

Purpose-Built Design:

Our spray booths are specifically designed to deliver top-quality finishes while efficiently removing overspray and volatile substances.

Versatile Sizes:

Available in several sizes to accommodate various requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for any workspace.

Compatibility with Various Paint Systems:

Fully compatible with Creative Resins’ extensive range of paint systems, including lacquers, polyurethanes, and water-based emulsions.

Economical and Easy to Use:

These flat-back spray booths are user-friendly and economical to maintain, offering a practical solution for everyday use.

DIY Installation or Professional Setup:

Available as flat-packed units for simple DIY assembly or with an option for professional ‘supply and fit’ installation.


Enhanced Quality of Finishes:

Ensures high-quality paint finishes, crucial for professional and industrial applications.

Improved Health and Safety:

Effectively removes harmful fumes and overspray, creating a safer and healthier work environment.

Flexible for Various Applications:

Suitable for a wide range of materials and paint types, offering versatility for different projects.

Cost-Efficient Operation:

Low maintenance requirements make it an economical choice for businesses.

Ease of Installation and Use:

Designed for straightforward installation and ease of use, ensuring minimal downtime.

Professional and Clean Results:

The advanced filtration system ensures a clean working environment and flawless finish on sprayed items.

Customizable Extraction Options:

The choice of top or rear extraction fans allows for customization based on specific workspace requirements.

Advanced Filtration System:

Designed for straightforward installation and ease of use, ensuring minimal downtime.

Ease of Installation and Use:

Incorporates a 1-meter depth canopy with single or twin belt-driven explosion and flame-proof axial fans, available with top or rear extraction options.

Optimal for Manual Spraying:

Ideal for all manual spraying activities and effective in removing fumes from industrial environments, promoting a healthy and safe workspace.

Special Filters for Professional Results:

Equipped with special filters that capture sticky particles, ensuring clean, professional, and flawless finishes.