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Spray Master – Airless Paint Spraying Equipment

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Spray machine designed for multiple substrates with bespoke options available
Integral filtration and extraction system
Adjustable for multiple substrates shapes and widths
High pressure spray system with automatic belts and sensors
Suitable for use with all CR Solvent and Water based paint systems
Airless spray guns with adaptable fan widths



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Spray Master is an airless paint spraying machine designed for coating various substrates. It has a multiple extraction and filtration system as well as an easy and fast colour change pump system. There are also a number of bespoke options available

Spray Master offers a high-pressure spray system with automatic variable speed conveyor belts and sensors. The quick change airless gun tips can be adjusted to suit multiple types of substrates, shapes, and widths.

The machine is capable of spraying extruded and flat profiles at high speed with constant run through. It is an ideal machine for spraying large quantities of composite doors, PVCu window profile, architrave, plastic building trims, aluminum and even glass & metal sheets. Models have an option of having 3 to 6 guns covering a wide spraying area and are compatible with Creative Resins solvent and water-based paint systems. The equipment is available in a range of sizes with various options.

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550/3, 800/3, 1300/4, 1300/6