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Picasso – Auto Paint Spraying Equipment for Glass

£64,480.00£82,160.00 ex VAT

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Automatic Glass painting system
Integral filtration and extraction system
Automatic cleaning function
The latest sensor control technology
Suitable for use with all Creative Resins Solvent and Water based paint systems


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Creative Resins brings to you one of its most ingenious creations, The Picasso. – an automatic paint spraying machine that comes equipped with an integral filtration and extraction system. This auto paint spraying equipment comes powered with the latest sensor control technology which automatically performs many imperative functions.

Not only is it fast, simple to use and self-cleaning but it also ensures a perfect finish. It can be fitted with an in line Picasso drying unit to cure the painted glass in minutes. Maximize your business’ profitability and production levels with the quickest colour change system in the glass industry. It can be programmed to automatically paint shaped glass avoiding unnecessary paint material waste. Just the touch of a button that gives your glass the sleek, elegant and stylish look it deserves.

Additional information

Working Width

1800mm, 2600mm