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Gun Cleaner – Industry Solvent Cleaner for Spray Guns

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Industrial solvent cleaner for handheld gravity fed spray guns.
Available in 1Ltr or 5Ltr
Also used to remove paint from glass


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Best Spray Paint Gun Cleaner from Creative Resins

Looking for the best spray gun cleaner in the UK, well here at Creative Resins we’ve got just the thing you need.

Painting can be a messy job, with a lot of clean-up required after the task is over. Everything from the spray gun to your mixing equipment needs a thorough wash-down to get rid of those stubborn stains left behind after a gruelling session of painting. To make sure your spray gun remains immaculate and ready for use next time, you need something effective to remove those difficult-to-get rid stains. Thankfully, Creative Resins Spray Gun Cleaner is just what you need to take care of the job.

Benefits of our Spray Paint Gun Cleaner

  • Very effective in cleaning pumps and other parts of the spray gun.
  • Also effective in cleaning all types of glass
  • Quick Cleaning
  • Does not harm the spray gun
  • Safe to use

This Spray Paint Gun Cleaner is an industrial solvent cleaner that can wash off every last stain of paint from a handheld spray gravity-fed spray gun. With a 1 – 5Ltr canister of this product available, you have enough solution to clean your spray guns thoroughly. The solvent spray gun cleaner can also be the perfect solution for removing paint from glass, whether textured, toughened, or otherwise.

Creative Resins is home to a wide range of cleaners to act as glass paint removers or keep paint equipment clean for the next round.

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1Ltr, 5Ltr