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Heavy duty industrial cleaning solvent. Ideal for cleaning machinery pumps and parts.
Available in 5Ltr or 25ltr


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Powerful Acetone Cleaner for Cleaning Spray Guns

Apart from your intended surface, your paint equipment also needs to be spotlessly clean before starting a new project. All of your painting equipment and machinery especially your spray guns need to be thoroughly cleaned after use to remove all traces of the previous paint.

It’s so important to use the correct type of gun cleaner that is going to break down the paint and wash it away without stripping the gun and scrubbing the individual parts. Some of the small seals and washers need to remain flexible and the incorrect type of cleaner can make these parts brittle and damage them leading to poor spraying finishes, difficult setup, and ultimately a compromised performance.

As such you need a powerful gun cleaner that goes to work and keeps your paint equipment in a ready-to-use condition. Creative Resins understands how imperative cleaning is. As such, we have just the solvent cleaner you are looking for to take care of your cleaning problems.
Creative Resins’ Solvent Gun Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner that is ideal for cleaning machinery pumps and parts. The acetone cleaner can be used to keep all spray equipment and accessories clean and ready for use.

Benefits of Using Acetone for Cleaning

  • Very Effective
  • Less regulated
  • Safe to use
  • Low Toxicity
  • Water Soluble

You can grab this powerful acetone solvent cleaner in:

  • 5ltr Acetone Can
  • 25ltr Acetone can.

Creative Resins is home to a range of top-quality cleaners and degreasers to help you with the maintenance of your spray guns and equipment. You can have these products delivered to your door normally on a next-day service at unparalleled prices.

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5Ltr, 25Ltr