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Expandable Rack

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Heavy duty expandable mobile racks for stacking painted composite doors and painted glass giving ample space between the items for even drying. Helps prevent dust inclusion.


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Creative Resins’ Expandable Rack is designed for heavy-duty applications. It is used to stack painted composite doors and painted glass with enough space left between them for even drying. These racks have a unique design allowing users to expand their storage capacity by adding more units when needed. The Creative Resins Expandable Mobile Rack uses high-quality materials, making it durable enough to withstand heavy loads without bending or warping. It can save space in the workshop or factory floor while providing ample storage for your painted products. The Mobile Rack is an organized storage system that enhances productivity since workers can quickly locate and retrieve items without wasting time looking for them. It features strong steel frames with adjustable shelves that can hold heavy loads. The rack also has locking casters that allow it to quickly move from one location to another.

The Creative Resins’ Expandable Rack has many benefits.

Optimize Space:

The expandable rack helps to optimize space in your work area.


It is adjustable to efficiently accommodate different sizes of goods because of its expandable nature. It ensures that the entire space is utilized effectively, saving time and money on storage.

Robust Construction:

The robust construction of Creative Resins’ expandable rack allows it to hold heavy loads without buckling or collapsing. This sturdy design makes it perfect for storing large quantities of painted goods, such as composite doors or glass, safely and efficiently while protecting people from potential accidents.

Lightweight Design:

The lightweight design permits easy maneuverability, while adjustable shelves accommodate various sizes of doors and glass panels.

Overall, Expandable Mobile Rack is an essential tool for businesses that work with paint regularly. It provides ample space between items for even drying, saves space in your workshop/factory floor, enhances productivity by making inventory management more efficient, and is built using high-quality materials that guarantee durability over an extended period. The benefits of Creative Resins’ Expandable Rack are clear – robust construction and lightweight design make it an excellent investment for painting professionals looking to optimize their workspace and streamline operations.

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