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Stipple Effect

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Effect to simulate stippolyte glass
Apply using a conventional spray gun or trigger bottle
Exceptional adhesion to glass
Back paint with a colour or mirror


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Create a fascinating stipple effect with Creative Resins spectacular GlassPaint Special Effect: Stipple solution.

This stipple effect spray paint is ideal for creating an effect that simulates Stippolite glass. This paint can be applied simply and evenly using a conventional spray gun. It can also be applied by a trigger bottle, creating irregular patterns ideal for unique projects. It also exhibits exceptional adhesion to glass.

This stipple effect paint acts as a unique solution that changes clear glass into a transparent texture effect both to look at and touch. To achieve outstanding results, add a small amount of the Stipple solution into glasspaint supreme and apply it to the glass surface using the abovementioned options. Try backing the glass with mirror spray coat to create amazing individual effects.

This Stippolite glass paint is now available in 250ml and 1 Ltr size options at the Creative Resins online store. You can purchase them at an unparalleled price online at Creative Resins.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Versatile Application Methods: Whether using a conventional spray gun for uniform distribution or a trigger bottle for spontaneous, irregular patterns, the GlassPaint Stipple Effect offers flexibility in application. This versatility makes it ideal for various projects, from simple home decor to intricate art installations.
  • Simulates Stippolite Glass: Achieve the sophisticated look of Stippolite glass effortlessly. This paint adds visual appeal and a tangible texture to the glass surface, enhancing its appearance and feel.
  • Exceptional Adhesion to Glass: Formulated for superior adherence, this paint ensures a long-lasting effect on any glass surface, ensuring your art remains as vivid and tactile as on day one.
  • Easy Mix Solution: For stunning effects, apply a small amount of Stipple solution into GlassPaint Supreme. This easy-to-use formula guarantees professional results even for beginners.
  • Mirror Spray Coat Compatibility: Amplify the impact by backing your glass with Mirror Spray Coat, creating striking effects that stand out in any setting.
  • Available in Convenient Sizes: Catering to small and large-scale projects, GlassPaint Stipple Effect is available in 250ml and 1 Ltr sizes, providing the right amount for your specific needs.
  • Unparalleled Pricing: Experience the premium quality of GlassPaint Stipple Effect at an unparalleled price, available exclusively at Creative Resins’ online store.

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250ml, 1Ltr