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GlassPaint Mirror Kit

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1ltr Mirror Paint Kit
CRI Glass Cleaner – 250ml plus trigger spray bottle
GlassPaint Pre Mixed Grey – 500ml GlassPaint A and 500ml GlassPaint B used as backing paint
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Creative Resins Mirror Kit provides everything that is necessary to produce stunning reflective mirror on any type of glass. This simple to use 1k Mirror paint is applied using a conventional spray gun. No special skills or equipment are required. Watch normal float or toughened glass be transformed in mirror in front of your eyes. The kit contains 1Ltr of Mirror paint as well as a deep cleaning solution for glass, a trigger bottle to apply it with along with a 1Ltr of premixed GlassPaints in grey used to back the mirror offering long term protection. 

  • 1ltr Mirror Paint 1k
  • CRI Glass Cleaner
  • Trigger spray bottle
  • 1Ltr GlassPaint Pre Mixed Grey (used as backing paint).

The glass cleaner provides a deep clean removing stubborn grim, grease and finger marks giving the glass a perfect surface for the Mirror Paint application. The fast drying Mirror Paint is then backed using the Grey GlassPaint which provides the Mirror paint with a permanent protective coating. Ideal for use as kitchen splash-backs or in bathrooms, shower enclosures or wet rooms as the products are heat and moisture resistant.

Video instructions showing how easy it is to convert glass to mirror are supplied. These are high-end products made from top quality materials. Order the mirror kit today at unparalleled prices.


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