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GrainEx Kit

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1ltr Wood Colour Base Coat – 830g PlasPaint Pre-Mixed with colour plus 170g Catalyst
100ml GrainEx in sponge bottle applicator to suit chosen Wood Base Coat
1 Ltr Top Coat – 830g Satin PlasPaint plus 170g Catalyst
250ml Degreaser including scotch pad to prepare door slab
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GrainEx Kit combines the most popular wood colours together with its natural darker wood grain colour. Rosewood, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Irish Oak and Teak are just a few of the colours available. The base coat can be applied to the surface of furniture, architraves and doors before an enhanced grain is applied over the surface to give that real wood look and effect. Finally a clear top coat is applied that seals and protects the decorated traditional wood look surface. It can be used on a variety of different substrates including UPVC profiles, Fiberglass Composite doors as well as real wood.  

The GrainEx kit comprises of 1liter of base coat (830 gram PlasPaint pre-mixed to your selected colour plus 170 gram catalyst), 100ml GrainEx patina in an easy to use sponge bottle applicator to suit chosen base coat, 1 Ltr clear Protective Top Coat (830g Satin PlasPaint plus 170g Catalyst) and 250ml Degreaser including scotch pad to prepare the surface to be painted. There are also Video instructions to guide you through the application process.

Our GrainEx base coats and patinas an be applied easily using a Paint Brush, Paint Roller or a conventional spray gun.

With this kit you get everything you need to give your surface that natural wood look with an enhanced wood grain and protection coat.  GrainEx can be used internally or externally with all the long term guarantees needed to withstand extreme weathering and wear and tear while keeping its beautiful looks.


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