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1K Direct to Metal Paint

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Dual primer and topcoat for metal
For interior and exterior use
10 year external and internal warranty
High anti-corrosive properties
Specially designed for direct application with no need for primer



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Looking for the best direct to metal paint in the UK? Well, Creative Resins has just the thing you are looking for!

Creative Resins brings to you a direct to metal paint that can act as a Primer and topcoat for metal. This direct to metal paint can be used for both internal and external purposes. The metal acrylic paint exhibits high anti-corrosive properties. This industrial metal paint is specially designed for direct application without the need for a separate primer.

This is an industrial quality transparent Acrylic Polymer that provides an exceptional adhesion directly onto metal as well as delivering an excellent anti-corrosive coating. You can also use this as a direct to metal spray paint for extra convenience using a conventional paint spray gun. It can also be easily applied using a standard paint brush or roller. It’s ideal to use as metal shed paint, gates and railings, metal stairs and metal garden furniture.

This single component product is a Dual Primer and Topcoat specifically formulated to provide an outstanding performance on Steel, Galvanised material, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Its performance on galvanized metal has also earned it the title of one of the best direct to galvanized metal paint in the industry today.

It is available in any colour as it can be pigmented using Creative Resins concentrate UT colour pigments and the Colour Match software to provide colour matches for RAL, NCS, Pantone and numerous other corporate colour reference cards.

1K Direct to Metal Paint can be used for:

  • Metal Shed
  • Metal Gates
  • Metal Railings
  • Metal Stairs
  • Metal Garden Furniture

Available In Finish:

  • Matt
  • Gloss

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