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Glassline Outline Resin – Hardener

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Glassline Resin is used to apply a resin bead on the surface of glass and other substrates to simulate the look of brilliant cut glass. Use on top of GlassPaint special Effects Satin or Sandblast for exceptional results.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
10 year external and internal warranty
Guaranteed not to yellow or delaminate
Temperature and water resistant
Must be mixed with Glassline Base



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Glassline Hardener and Base combine to create an outline resin that can be used to apply a contour bead onto the surface of glass or mirror replicating the look of brilliant cut glass. It delivers exceptional results if used on top of GlassPaint special – satin effect or frosted glass paint.

Glassline Hardener and Glassline Base are mixed together in equal parts and applied to the surface of all types of glass including toughened or mirror using the Wizard Illustrator resin dispensing system. They blend to create a water-clear contour. 1 Ltr of this transparent outline will provide approximately 200 linear meters. 

Glassline Hardener is a blend of Acrylic and Epoxy resins that have excellent mechanical properties and are UV stable, weather-resistant, and form a permanent bond to the surface of glass. Glassline resins are used to decorate the glass in composite doors, windows, shower and wet rooms, bars, and hotels. They are often applied to sandblast and satin glass where it causes the glass to become transparent offering endless design opportunities.

This outline resin base is suitable for domestic and commercial use. It comes with 10 years of external and internal warranty and is guaranteed not to yellow or delaminate. 


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500ml, 1Ltr, 2.5Ltr