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SATA Disposable Paint Cups

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SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System), the innovative disposable cup for mixing, painting, refilling and storing of paint
The spray gun remains well-balanced and is noticeably lighter when using this system. 
The SATA cups connect directly to a quick cup connector, which are available to fit every spray gun


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These disposable paint spray cups can be connected directly to a quick cup connector that can be used to fit all kinds of spray guns. No unnecessary adapters are needed for assembly. The spray guns remain incredibly well-balanced and light with these paint gun disposable cups attached to them. The SATA disposable paint cups are also appropriately transparent, with numerical indicators that assist you in measuring the precise amount of paint.

Size Options

  • 300ml disposable paint measuring cups
  • 600ml disposable paint measuring cups
  • 900ml disposable paint measuring cups

Product Features

  • Easily remove lid without soiling surrounding area
  • Exceptional stability, thanks to screw connection between cup and lid
  • Clean cup removal. Simply press the cup in and twist. 
  • Painters can achieve desired coating results, thanks to constant material flow
  • Brisk colour change
  • Available in three cup sizes – 300ml, 600ml, 900ml

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