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Cardboard Spray Or AC Cconcertina Booth Filter

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Cardboard concertina spray booth filter. 9m length.


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Pair your spray booth filters with high-end AC Concertina Filters for robust spray booth exhaust filtration. This cardboard Concertina booth filter set is capable of holding considerably more paint particles than any other type of filter. As such, it has a number of useful industrial applications and is widely used for a cleaner paint job.

This Cardboard concertina spray booth filter is 9m in length. The cardboard spray booth filter can provide reduced airflow resistance to ensure high and uniform airflow in the surrounding spray area. Moreover, these spray paint booth filters are strong enough to capture wet solid, and liquid particles like oils, stains, baked and dried air enamels, asphalts, Teflon, and more. 

The cardboard paper filter can be easily installed and can conveniently last you up to 4-5 times more than any other filter alternative. 

Creative Resins is home to a plethora of high-end spares and accessories that perfectly complement our range of paint and surface coating products. Rest assured, these items come from some of the best paint equipment manufacturers in the industry. 

All the machinery and equipment you’ll find in our store, come together to create a fully automatic spray line for all kinds of different products of your choosing. All machinery works best with both water-based and solvent-based systems.


The cardboard concertina spray booth filter can be used with any paint, lacquer, or varnishing solution and can be applied on cars, furniture, and other industrial items. 

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