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Anti Silicone and Anti Fisheye Additive

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Additive to add to PlasPaint to eliminate fish eye from silicone contamination.

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Fisheyes can be a ghastly sight on your otherwise beautifully painted surface. It is such a difficult issue to track down and eradicate.  Fisheye can be caused by numerous things the most common being caused by contamination of the substrate with dirt, wax, oil, or silicone.  Moisture in the compressed air line can also be another cause.  From experience you can have the cleanest workshop, the best spraying equipment and still get that fisheye appear in your painted surface.  Try as you might with more surface cleaning and preparation or additional paint coats, getting rid of fisheye can be very frustrating. The ensuing result of this unfortunate scenario is an unsavory look of bubbles or spots in the paint job. 

There are certain precautions you can take to try and eliminate fisheye to try and avoid the unsightly look of another dish or spot on the surface of your paint job. You can further try to thoroughly clean your surface before you paint using recommended degreasers, wearing appropriate silicon free gloves to help avoid direct skin contact with the painted surface as the oils secreted from your skin can also cause contamination, protecting the surface from dirt and keeping the atmosphere where you are preparing as free from invisible airborne contaminants. 

However, what do you do when you have tried all these things and more and the paint job is still mired in Fisheyes. Fortunately, there is a solution. Creative Resins brings to you one of the best anti silicone additive chemicals to help eliminate fisheyes occurring on your surface due to silicone deposits or other contaminations. Just add a small amount directly into your prepared paint and let it do its magic.

So if you find a bad spot of fisheyes bothering you, simply hop on to our store and purchase Creative Resins’ finest Anti Fisheye additive and say goodbye to those annoying spots for good.

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