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Glass Cleaner 600x600 1Glass Cleaner 600x600 1

Glass Cleaner

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Solvent based industrial glass cleaner
Available in 1Ltr or 5Ltr


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Creative Resins brings to you an impeccable solvent based industrial glass cleaner, which is perfect for removal of stains, dirt, and excess paint from your glass. This glass cleaner aces glass cleaning by being an excellent cleaning agent, scrubbing off even the most stubborn of stains and keeping your glass as clean as new.

The glass cleaner is available in both 1 ltr and 5 ltr cans, to satiate all preferences. Apart from removing paint overspray from glass, this cleaner is also available in a range of solvents and cleaners, thus helping you keep your spray equipment and substrates clean and ready for another round of painting.

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Weight1 kg

1Ltr, 5Ltr