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Timber Fence Paint – High-Quality Floor Paint for Wood

£5.99£39.99 ex VAT


Designed for wood fence with exceptional coverage.
Exceptional adhesion to all types of wood
Available a range of colours
Can be used internally and externally




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Creative Resins brings to you the best fence paint for wood designed especially for wooden fences and wooden garden furniture providing exceptional coverage. The paint exhibits excellent adhesion to all kinds of wood and is available in a plethora of different colours.

Timber Fence Paint is a specially prepared Acrylic crosslinking copolymer that is fast drying and has an exceptional adhesion directly onto all types of wood. It is very resilient and can withstand all adverse weather conditions. It creates a hard wearing polymer coating on the surface which is flexible, allowing expansion and contraction in extreme conditions. Fence Paint has excellent water repellent properties as well as being alkali resistant, UV stable and weatherproof and can be used internally and externally. It has a smooth silky finish.

Wood Fence Paint is available in a select range of fashionable colours including Black and Grey. It can also be pigmented using Creative Resins concentrate WB colour pigments and the Colour Match software to provide an infinite range of colours including RAL, NCS, Pantone and numerous other corporate colours. This quick drying fence paint is great for all kinds of wooden surfaces, including stairs, handrails, wall cladding, wood furniture etc.

Fence paint is simple and fast to apply using a roller, brush or conventional spray gun. It is very economical as what is not used can be returned to the original container and re-used in the future. The product has an extremely low VOC content.

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