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Epoxy Resin Metallic Pigment – Gold | Silver | Copper

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Rich Metallic Pigments to be added to GlassPaint Supreme or PlasPaint Base to create a stunning vibrant finish
Heat resistant and UV stable
Perfect for glass splashbacks or window profile
Easy to apply using conventional spray gun

COVERAGE: 25.6sqm glass- 40sqm plas = 1 LITRE


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Looking for the best epoxy resin metallic pigment in UK? Well. you’ve come to the right place.

Creative Resins brings to you a selected range of Rich Metallic Pigments that can be added to GlassPaint Supreme or PlasPaint Base to create stunning vibrant finishes. The Metallic Pigments are formulated using high lustre components that create highly reflective surfaces that catch the natural light and make them look like real molten metal. The Copper, Silver and Gold metallic pigments are easy to apply, heat resistant and UV stable. The Metallic Resin pigment is perfect for glass Splashbacks, Windows and Doors.

A range of deep lustre metal finishes including Gold Shimmer, Silver Dollar and Copper Wire, supplied in a concentrate solution that can be added to either GlassPaint Supreme or PlasPaint Base. This metallic pigment for resin and epoxy can be applied easily using a conventional spray gun giving excellent adhesion and totally weather resistant.

Available In Colours

  • Gold Shimmer
  • Silver Dollar
  • Copper Wire


  • Glass Windows
  • Doors
  • Splashbacks

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

125ml Pure concentrated Metallic pigment, 500ml Pure concentrated Metallic pigment