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Zinc Primer 7002

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Zinc Primer 7002 for steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc and aluminium.
Brush, roller or spray application
Extremely high antioxidant and anti-corrosive properties
Internal and external application
Includes hardener at 10%



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Zinc Primer 7002 is an industrial 2K epoxy primer high in zinc levels to achieve excellent Antioxidant Resistance. The high zinc content of the primer acts as a sacrificial layer and makes it a perfect zinc primer paint for steel in highly corrosive areas making it ideal for marine, immersive applications, water tanks, in fact any environment that is exposed to high levels of moisture will benefit from this Zinc Rich Primer. The product is also certified for use on concrete structures in coastal areas.

This Zinc Epoxy Primer also makes for the best one coat metal paint that is suitable for impeccable metal paint coating. The Zinc primer spray can also be applied using a conventional spray gun, roller or brush.

For Ultimate Anti-corrosion resistance and to achieve Categories from C1 to C5 M (Very High Anti-Corrosion with high durability) a second primer coat using Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer should be applied prior to using either our Gloss or Matt Acrylic PU topcoat.

Some applications:

  • Zinc primer for aluminum
  • Zinc primer for steel
  • Primer for zinc plated steel
  • Zinc primer for bare metal
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Ideal for Internal and External Application
  • Ideal for areas with more exposure to moisture


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