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Zinc Primer 7002
acrylic enamel anti corrosion

2K Acrylic Enamel Anti Corrosion Paint

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Topcoat manufactured to withstand extremely high corrosion
Designed for coastal and sea areas with very high pollution and salutation
10 year external and internal warranty
Excellent Anti-corrosive properties when used with Zinc Primer 7002 and Epoxy Primer 7011
Excellent Mechanical and Scratch resistance



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Creative Resins offers an acrylic enamel paint that can be used in areas where extreme anti-corrosion resistance is demanded. Our Acrylic Enamel Anti-Corrosion paint is perfect for coastal areas with high pollution and salutation. The metal enamel paint exhibits excellent anti-corrosive properties when used in combination with our Zinc Primer 7002 and our Epoxy Primer 7011. This makes it one of the most hard wearing and resilient anti-rust paint for metal.

Aside from its anti-corrosion properties, this anti-rust paint also possesses excellent mechanical and scratch resisting properties. The solution comes with both a 10 year internal and external warranty.

The paint can be used successfully in buildings and areas with almost permanent condensation and extremely high levels of pollution and salutation. The anti-rust spray paint can also be applied using a conventional spray gun or simply and by hand using either a paint brush or roller for a convenient painting experience. The metal enamel paint is suitable for all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces and is available in any colour option.

A litre of this solution can cover 6SQM approximately in surface area. Our acrylic enamel paint for metal is one of the best available and will provide you with the result you are looking for.


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1.2kg (1kg Base + 200g Hardener), 6kg (5kg Base + 1kg Hardener), 30kg (25kg Base + 5kg Hardener)