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Distilled & Deionized Water for Chroming Process

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Purified water (0.00 – 0.08ppm) is essential to create high quality chrome and silver objects
Used consistently throughout the chrome / silver process
Provides perfect dilution with the Chrome-IT solutions and perfect results

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Creating high-quality chrome and silver visuals can be more challenging than one presumes. You need a ton of ingredients to get the job done right. One extremely important ingredient is Purified Water. 

Distilled water for chroming can make a mirror finish with chrome remarkably easy. Creative Resins’ Purified Water (0.00 – 0.08ppm) is essential to create high-quality chrome and silver objects. This purified water for chroming should be used consistently throughout the chrome/silver painting process. This solution provides perfect dilution with the Chrome-IT solution to accomplish desirable results. 

CHROME-IT has revolutionized the whole chrome and mirror process, making it easy to use with perfect results time and time again. Years of development have culminated in new safe-to-use solutions that allow anyone to chrome objects or create Antique Mirrors and achieve a really professional finish.

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