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PlasPaint Crackle effect Spray paint

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Crackle spray effect
For use on composite doors, glazing cassettes, uPVC windows, steel and aluminium
Spray gun application
Size – 1ltr


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PlasPaint Crackle effect Spray paint is a premium product from Creative Resins manufactured using advanced technology and quality materials. Our products are widely popular in today’s market for their superior quality. PlasPaint Special Crackle Effect is ideal for composite doors, glass panes, uPVC windows as well as steel and aluminium surfaces.

It is a 2K spray paint that gives a unique finish and a rich matt look to the surface on which it is applied. The application is made in two stages. The Crackle Effect base coat is applied to the substrate. It can be applied in any colour but should be a contrasting colour to the topcoat. After applying the base coat to the prepared area and allow it to fully dry. Apply the Crackle topcoat and the crackling or distressing will begin. Crackle spray provides high coverage and can be painted over with Creative Resins clear topcoat lacquers to provide long term protection from weathering and UV light. Create exciting new styles with our Crackle Effect Spray. It is a ready-to-use paint system that can be easily applied with a conventional spray gun. It is available in any colour including black, gold, white, copper, and silver.

A heavy application of paint will increase the crackle size. The more contrasting the base and topcoat colours are the more dramatic the crackling effect will be.


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Weight1 kg