Pigments & Colour Match

Pigments and Colour Match

Choose from a wide range of colours and pigments to apply to your desired surface via spray guns and paint equipment. Blend these Pigments with all Creative Resin base paint products based on your preference. Use our colour match paint software to create fascinating colour combinations that go well with your doors, windows, glass splashbacks, worktop joints, and kitchen surfaces. The colours and pigments at offer here are perfect to be used for both interior and exterior paint.

Creative Resins exclusive Colour Match software means ANY colour match can be made from our specialised Pigments with our unique computerised ‘Formulation and Mixing’ system. Over 15000 colours including Renolit, RAL, BS, Pantone, NCS and Dulux are pre-installed and can be easily matched and re-created providing an infinite choice of colours. CR Colour matching Facility’s internally offering you fast turnaround on unique colour matches which are uploaded directly to your software.

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