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concrete seal 1concrete seal 1

Concrete Seal Paint

£64.75£74.75 ex VAT


Designed for fresh concrete and plaster
Excellent absorption into porous surfaces
Can be any colour or transparent
Can be used internally and externally



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Creative Resins brings to you impeccable concrete floor paint that is designed for fresh concrete and plaster. It ability to excellently absorb into porous surfaces makes it one of the best floor paints for both exterior and interior painting. The paint exhibits fast drying and anti-slip properties that make it perfect for outdoor paint on cement floors, garden floors, basement floors, high traffic concrete floor etc.

This is a two component Epoxy curable resin that is an excellent dust sealer for porous surfaces such as fresh (green) concrete or plaster. It can be diluted with the addition of water to achieve the desired viscosity. It has deep absorption into the porous material acting not only to control dust but also acting as a moisture barrier. It is also an ideal primer for new floors. It can be applied either as a transparent coating or can be coloured using the Creative Resins range of WB Pigments. Easy to apply by hand using Brush or Roller or by spraying.