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2K Anti Slip Floor Paint

£24.00£685.00 ex VAT


Suitable for swimming pools, wet rooms and other prone to water surfaces
Available in any colour
Achieves C3 compliance with UNE-EN 12633
Can be used internally and externally




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Creative Resins brings to you the perfect non-slip floor paint for stairs, wood, wet rooms, swimming pools, bathtubs, and other areas prone to water saturation, making it an ideal floor paint for floors with hazardous demands such as wet rooms. The anti-slip floor paint can also work for garage and other exterior floor areas where slippage is possible. 

This non-slip paint is a specially prepared Transparent Acrylic Polyurethane 2K system. It achieves C3 compliance with UNE-EN 12633. It is very hard and resilient and can withstand heavy footfall. This Non-Slip floor paint has excellent water repellent properties as well as being alkali resistant, UV stable, and weatherproof and can be used internally and externally. It has a textured finish.

The anti-slip paint can be supplied ready to use in any colour. It can be pigmented in house using Creative Resins concentrate UT colour pigments and the Colour Match software to provide an infinite range of colours including RAL, NCS, Pantone, and numerous other corporate colours.

The Non-Slip floor paint is simple and fast to apply using a roller, brush, or conventional spray gun.