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Solvent Recycler Bags

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Pack of 25 solvent recycler bags. Reclaim clean solvent by depositing dirty solvent in to the bags and place in solvent recyler machine. Does not include machine.

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Especially designed to use in our Solvent Recycler equipment these solvent resistant bags are used as a liner for the dirty solvent tank. The recycling process is simple.  Pour the dirty used solvent into the lined tank, close the lid and adjust the temperature thermostat. The dirty solvent heats up to the necessary temperature causing it to evaporate and discharge clean solvent into a container. When the cycle has finished open the lid and remove all the inert waste by simply lifting our the recycler bag.  Tie it up and dispose of normally.  The tank is left clean and the process can start again. These bags were manufactured with the intent of reducing solvent waste, which is arguably a problem in the painting industry.

You get 25 of these innovative solvent recycler bags that you can use to recycle your dirty solvent, saving you money while you are contributing to reducing the waste that is harming our planet.  Please note that the Solvent Recycling Machine and Solvent Recycler Bags can be ordered separately from our shop. 

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