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Textured Spray Paint – PlasPaint Special Effects

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Texture spray effect
For use on composite doors, glazing cassettes, uPVC windows, steel and aluminium
Spray gun application
Gives a course finish to touch


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Paint your surfaces using a PlasPaint Special Effect – Texture Solution. This paint gives the surface a unique matt look and touch similar to very fine wet and dry paper. It is ideal for use on composite doors, glazing cassettes, steel, aluminium, and uPVC windows and trims. This textured spray paint can be applied easily using a conventional spray gun.

PlasPaint Texture Spray Paint Effect is pre-blended and ready to use. Just add catalyst. It is easily applied, fast drying, and available in any colour. It provides great hiding properties and is an ideal product to use in a dusty environment as it hides any blemishes or dust inclusions.

The solution is available for purchase in 1 Ltr and 2.5 Ltr size options. You also have an option to choose between matt and gloss finish. This textured spray paint has become a fashionable addition and can be applied to virtually any substrate. It can be purchased at a reasonable price from Creative Resins’ online store today.


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1Ltr, 2.5Ltr