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luminescent 600x600luminescent 600x600

GlassPaint Special Effects – Photo Luminescent

£89.50 ex VAT


Photo Luminescent effect with glow in the dark properties
Easy to apply using conventional spray gun
UV stable
Heat resistant


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Creative Resins GlassPaints Special Effects – Photo Luminescent is a fantastic option for those who want to experiment with the aesthetic of their glass windows or items. The paint offers a photo luminescent effect on your glass, thanks to its glow in the dark property. The paint also exhibits UV stable and heat resistant properties, making it top-notch in quality.

This industry quality glow in the dark glass paint is extremely easy to paint with, especially if you are using a conventional spray gun. Apart from an aesthetic appeal, the paint also provides some pragmatic merits in terms of highlighting and safety aid markings. 

An industrial quality Photo-luminous system that provides high visibility glow in the dark qualities and can be used as an effective safety aid for marking and highlighting.

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