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Aerosol Canning machineAerosol Canning machine
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Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Machine

£1,795.00 ex VAT


Fill a spray can with desired surface coating
Easy to operate
No cleaning and no waste
Space-saving and simplifies the task at hand
Simple and reliable in use


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Creative Resins brings to you the ability to custom fill aerosol spray cans that allow you to fill a spray can with surface coatings you desire and to any colour. These aerosol paint cans are phenomenally easy to operate saving you time in cleaning and application. They are extremely easy to use and perfect for on site touch-ups and repairs.

Using an aerosol spray can simplifies the task at hand by allowing you to simply spray your surface with the desired colour and selected coating. Using our aerosol spray paint cans helps to minimise the mess that is often a side-effect of traditional painting. No mixing or cleaning of brushes.

The aerosol spray paint filling machine allows you to fill the can with any colour you like, whether it is matt black or candy red. Both 1k and 2k aerosol cans are available allowing you the choice of base paint to suit your project.

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Weight 20 kg