Tourism Ireland has launched a new campaign for the latest and final season of Game of Thrones in Belfast, where a large section of the shows production took place. Publicis London invited Creative Resins to help create the “Glass of Thrones” – a series of stained-glass installations, the first of which can be seen in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. There will be a further five equalling six in total, creating a “fan trail” across the city.

Driven by fan search data, the windows creatively depict the most loved and talked about moments from the show from the past 9 years. Publicis London has previously worked with illustrators and local artists to create and install Doors of Thrones, in which a series of 10 carved doors which represented a specific episode from season six were installed in pubs around the country. They also worked on a stunning 80-metre Bayeux Tapestry which is hung in the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

View the full teaser video of the making of the Glass of Thrones!

“Creative Resins were thrilled to have been invited to take part in the latest project which involved creating six beautiful free-standing stained-glass windows, each representing one of the show’s iconic houses. Game of Thrones® is one of, if not the biggest TV shows of all time. To help be part of a project commemorating the final series and to help produce such stunning artwork was really an honour” said Patrick Sumner, Director at Creative Resins.

The Creative Resins Wizard Machine was used to create the outline resembling traditional lead, the machine applies our unique H2O resin as a liquid that cures and hardens to the glass. Creative Resins mixed and supplied a combinations of resins to create the decorative leading effect that was then supplied to an expert artist, who mixed each window’s detailed colour palette. Our machine technician Liam Sawyer who ran the glass panels said, ‘I love Game of Thrones, and as an avid viewer it was an honour to be involved in such an amazing project’.  #GlassOfThrones

Wizard – Resin Dispensing System

From: £8,495.00

From: £8,495.00

The Wizard Illustrator is a unique decorative glass technology that uses a computer controlled resin dispensing system to create designs onto glass. Constructed from industrial strength aluminium with heavy duty stainless steel guide rails and self adjusting sealed bearings, these machines are robust, fast and quiet and above all exceptionally reliable. An innovative compact 12v powered ‘Resiflo’ pump system controls the delivery and mixing of the Outline Base and Hardener creating a resin bead/contour that simulates traditional lead giving perfect results time and time again.  A limitless range of infill colours and textures are available to create the perfect decorative art / stained glass panels.

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To complement our range of paints and surface coatings we have a selection of spray machinery, paint mixing systems plus ancillary equipment. All machinery and equipment come together to create a fully automatic spray line for a choice of different products.  All machinery work with both water based or solvent based systems.

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